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Musicians Hall of Fame

$5 at the Metro Courthouse Garage


Concert on Stage in the Arena

Schedule of Rental Charges

Charge Description
ARENA FLOOR $3,900 per day/performance or 12-1/2% of the gross box office receipts, whichever is greater. Rental time begins at 8:00 a.m.
ARENA FLOOR $8,750 per day for non-ticketed events, such as conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. Rental time begins at 8:00 a.m.
MOVE-IN/OUT 50% of the base rental per day
RISER REMOVAL $850 per section (K, L, M, N)
CURTAIN RENTAL $1,500 per event plus labor to set
LABOR CHARGE $28.00 per hour, per person
STAGE RENTAL 75 cents per square foot
POWER CHARGE $650 per day for amp box services and $25 per plug per day for 110 and 220 volt services
SPOTLIGHTS $150 per spotlight, per performance
HOUSE SOUND $550 per day/performance to use the house sound system
BEAM CLAMPS $15 per beam clamp, per performance
CATERING CHARGE $1.25 per plate or a minimum of $250, whichever is greater
FORKLIFT RENTAL $375 per day (plus labor for operator)
CHAIR RENTAL $2 per chair, per event for facility-owned chairs
TABLE RENTAL $10 per table, per event for facility-owned tables
PIPE AND DRAPE $2 per running foot
BARRIERS $25 per section for heavy duty barriers; $20 per section for bicycle rack barricades
PARKING METERS $15 per meter, per day
CLEAN-UP CHARGE $900 per day
INTERNET ACCESS $150 per day for each dropped line
NOVELTIES The promoter will pay NMA 25% commission of the gross sales after taxes on programs, books, pictures, tee shirts, etc. The promoter will arrange and pay for the novelty sales staff.
INSURANCE One million dollars liability insurance. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee must be listed on the certificate as an additional insured. Coverage must include in, show, and out days.
HOUSE STAFF The promoter pays for the services of the contract house staff, including ushers, ticket takers, security, police, first aid attendants, and fire marshal.
STAGEHANDS The promoter pays for the services of the stagehands. Our policy is open house. The promoter can use the services of any bonded, licensed provider that meets our qualifications. Qualifications supplied upon request.
TAXES The promoter must pay all taxes in effect during the term of the lease: state amusement tax (9.25%) or sales tax (9.25%), local business tax (1/4 of 1%), and FICA tax on labor.
TICKET SALES The Auditorium has a contract with Ticketmaster for ticket distribution.
FACILITY FEE $3 per ticket
ADDRESS Nashville Municipal Auditorium
417 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201
SALES MANAGER Contact Sharon Hill, Director of Sales, at
(615) 862-6390 ext. 228 or (615) 862-6394 (fax)
RATE CHANGES The schedule of rental charges is subject to change at the direction of the Metropolitan Auditorium Commission.